Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A place to drink

There are as many reasons to drink as there are drinks to drink and places to do the drinking in/at. This site will attempt to give a personal overview of watering holes in and about Limerick city. Readers should note that it won't aim to be exclusive to the city boundaries (existing or future), as I've been known to imbibe at many spots near the treaty stone (including the stone itself) and for many different reasons.

Ratings systems will give marks out of ten for

Clientele (what sort, and if present how short the skirts)
Location ( closeness to chipper, view, interesting stories about the place. )
Pints ( quality, price, range )
Service ( using the internationally accepted Brendan/Slobber scale )
Comfort ( does my bum look sore in that?, or you'll have to drag me off those seats )
Other distractions ( tv, music, fights )

And there will be a comments section to give any other information that comes to mind.

So read on and happy drinking!!!